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back to Greater Germany, come what may on the way. All the affected naval groups are coincidently in the Norwegian Sea. Right now Im tentatively inclined to thinking that they cant. And so, for the third time skipping all the preliminary rote procedures already done above and which coincidently also apply in the new combat instance, we arrive at a new: Round 1, at long range The Allied. Round 1, (always) at long range: In this initial round both sides coincidently make things easier for game reporting by firing at the enemy TF that is firing. There still remain four unused Ger NTPs. The He 115B air unit returns to base at the 3-cap permanent airfield at 10B:5014, on the NE coast of the Danish peninsula.

November 2013: Escort ålborg escort frederikshavn

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Fisse billeder louise wolff nøgen Round 2: First comes what appears to be the important subsequent range determination step. Evidently bypass attempts can be done only by naval groups with a larger number of engaging TFs than the opponent; evidently only this excess remainder of TFs not allocated to the engaging group may then be allocated to the bypassing group, but is not required. In the following Engaging Group Firing Step (Rule29B1c) the naval combat firing is done as follows: Rodney 7-pt BB TF fires at Gneisnau 4-pt BC TF (2 clothed female naked male sexstellungen für frauen hits and vice versa Renown 5-pt BC TF (1 hit) fires. There it spends the last 2 MPs of its naval movement step allowance beginning to replenish its fuel. Hipper (1 hit) and BC TF Schrnhrst (1 hit).
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Plenti fri data dansk gratis sex This build empties the German Game Chart aborted box. The Axis player takes care in his naval movement not to reenter the naval combat zone of the aggressive Br combat naval group two hexes away at bestil prostitueret escort nykøbing mors 10B:1902. At this point the Kriegsmarine naval combat naval group is 4 hexes NW of the Br naval group at 1902. These are the BB TFs Rodney and Warspite and the BC TFs Renown and Repulse.


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